About Us

Peter Rice (founder and producer) has an extensive background in public relations, writing, bicycle touring promotion, multimedia, and journalism, but his main qualification is growing up in a family that didn’t own a car. That means he learned the ropes on transit systems large and small, all over the United States, and later, the world. Favorite personal feats include once using seven different transit agencies over 24 hours to get back home from college, and taking his then-girlfriend on an 8-hour, 120-mile journey to Astoria, OR using three rural transit systems and about $3.50 in cash. (Inexplicably, she married him anyway.) Peter is the main point of contact for clients and can be reached through the contact page.

Peter Oakley (web editor) is a webmaster, designer, and online business ninja from Albuquerque, NM. He is also one of the few and the proud not afraid to take ABQ Ride’s #66 bus at night. At RTG, Peter tends to the inner workings of the web site and all things technological, and makes sure our client’s schedules are efficiently presented in a visually compelling way. He can be reached through the contact page.

Dave Bellefeuille-Rice (schedule QA and QC) works in a municipal finance department near Olympia, WA, and thoroughly enjoys his daily commute on Intercity Transit’s #12 bus. Back in his halcyon youth, he crossed the country on Greyhound a few times, and later took his family to the beach using Grays Harbor Transit’s #40 bus (with connections in Aberdeen or Hoquiam, naturally). He once figured out how to travel the 120 miles from Olympia to Portland, OR using four different transit agencies, all for less than $5. At RTG, he calls upon this lifetime of transit experience to ensure that maps and timetables are up to snuff. He can be reached through the contact page.